Basic Computing Test

By taking this simple test you can obtain an approximate rating of your computer skills.

The test consists of three parts:

  • Elementary
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Part One: Elementary

Choose the correct answer for the question.


A computer simulates many real things. This is called:

Artificial Reality
Virtual Reality

1. Which mouse or touchpad button is used to select items?

Depress the scroll wheel

2. Why is the mouse orientation important?

To control the pointer speed
To make it easier to aim the pointer
To better use the mousepad area

3. What happens when you click on the Minimize [_] icon?

The program closes
The program window is hidden from view
The program window shrinks to a smaller size

4. Which is a method to switch between running programs?

Click on the Taskbar labels or icons
Tap the Enter key
Tap function key F1

5. What is a good way to close a menu that was accidentally opened?

Tap the Tab key
Tap the Spacebar
Tap the Esc key

6. Which is an example of a Web address?

7. Which of the following is true?

Internet Explorer is a browser
Wordpad is a browser
Yahoo is a browser

8. What is a good idea concerning Email?

Have a complex Email address
Use "password" as your password
Have at least two accounts

9. Which can you attach to an Email message?

Pictures, documents, music, and short videos
Any file or program on your computer
Only pictures

10. How can you prevent the loss of your personal files?

Copy them to a flash drive
Sign up for on-line backup
Either of the above

This is the end of part one.

You have scored out of 10.