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About Us

About Rogue Learning & Resource Center

The Rogue Learning and Resource Center (RLRC) is an educational institution in Southern Oregon, consisting of professional staff members who are experts in computer operations, business applications, small group training, and individualized instruction.

RLRC opened its doors on June 25, 2007 and has been conducting "Introduction to Computer Operation and Applications" classes.

We created a partnership with Literacy Council of Jackson County which offers English as a Second Language (ESL), GED preparation, and citizenship classes with trained volunteer tutors.

Our mission is to offer an ideal learning and training environment to help fulfill the needs of families with limited incomes and minimum education who are interested in learning basic computer operations.


Our vision is to contribute to individual and collective development within communities having limited income in Jackson County, and to empower students who have shown a strong desire to succeed.

Our students are receiving technology skills that will prepare them for the job market or to become small business entrepreneurs.

High school dropouts will be encouraged to further explore careers in technology.

RLRC will work directly with employers in the valley for placement opportunities for those students who successfully complete or graduate from our program.


Program Implementation
To keep our students engaged, our programs are delivered in small group settings that are designed to offer hands-on work with the computer hardware and software.  Students are given assignments that connect to their interests when applicable.

RLRC operates year-round with brief seasonal breaks.  Classes are offered during the day and evening to accommodate homemakers and working individuals.

Classes are taught in English and Spanish.  Non-English speaking students enrolled in the program are offered free English tutoring/classes at the Literacy Council of Jackson County.  We use English language versions of computer application software.

Our initial computer training program has been a complete success.  We have been amazed by the students' motivation and willingness to learn.  Those who learned quickly reinforced their understanding by helping the few who were struggling with the concepts.

This "Introduction to Computers" course covered computer terminology, components, specifications, and an overview of several WindowsTM applications.  Students learned to use the keyboard and mouse.  They also learned to navigate menu programs, such as WindowsTM, and explore the basic functions of productivity applications, including word processors, databases, and spreadsheets.


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