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Phoenix Library
Here's what our students have to say...

I had a tablet for over a year and hardly used [it].  I took the Tablet class and learned to do more than I thought possible.  I downloaded Hoopla, bought Bluetooth headphones, and am able to listen to books.  Amazing!

I learned to check Settings and download apps!  Many things I know I would not have been able to learn on my own.  Very good class!

Monica B. - Rogue River
October 2017

I want to thank you for the computer classes. They have been a great help to me.

Please extend my thanks to the Hulburt Family Trust for providing the funding for these classes.  I could not have afforded to come had there been a charge.

I have learned a great deal.  Bob is a great teacher.

Shirl B. - Eagle Point
January 2015

I am well-acquainted with Microsoft Word and I was delighted to learn simple steps with Text Boxes, columns, text wrap around pictures, and more.

Thank you.

Lynn G. - Jacksonville
October 2014

In this class I have learned how to use the computer for the first time.  Bob was a great teacher and Gloria was a great help to me.

Ramona O. - Medford
November 2013

The computer classes taught terms to be familiar with, many aspects of the Control Panel, intro to spreadsheets, WordPad, Internet, use of flash drives for saving data, and a lot more.  Highly informative classes with well-informed instructors!  If a class is missed, one can attend at another library branch.  I'm very appreciative that the Hulburt Family and JCLS provided these classes - please continue doing so.  I was astonished we didn't need to pay for this expensive educational opportunity.

Barbara D. - Medford
October 2013

About 2 years ago my daughter and son-in-law gave me my computer for my 75th birthday.  The first week that I had it I was almost in tears and wished my kids had never spent the money on this as I would never be able to figure it out.  Between a friend of mine and these library classes, I have come to enjoy my computer so much.  Now my children would be in big trouble if they ever tried to take my computer away.  Bob and Gloria have made these classes an enjoyable experience.

Thank you!

Donna B - Central Point
June 2012

I thoroughly enjoyed going to class each week, the instructor really took the time to explain things throughout my time in the course.  I was so encouraged by my new found knowledge that I ended up purchasing my own computer and having wireless Internet installed in my home.  Not bad for an 88 year old.  I guess us old guys can learn new tricks!

George L. - Medford
Nov. 2011

Although I am on the computer regularly, I'm just not that comfortable with it.  Basics 1 provided me with an understanding of things I didn't know.  Bob, the teacher, was very good at explaining how the computer worked by relating it to old technology.  It all of a sudden just made sense.

In Basics 2, the file management class made my life so much easier.  I had been so frustrated because I was always hunting for a file in our new business.  Now I can find what I'm looking for with a click of the mouse.  I imagine, with a little practice, the same will happen with photo editing and Paint Shop, which I also need for my business.

I give special thanks to the Hulburt Family Trust for funding my classes.  I really needed them.  If Basics 3 is offered, I would like to participate in that, too.

Sharon O. - Medford
Dec. 2010

I took Basic 1 and 2 to gain knowledge of the computer.  I was very pleased with how Bob and Gloria instructed the course.  Their approach is to teach at a level that people can understand.  They helped with all the questions asked and made sure students understood before going on to another subject.

This is a very good class to take.

Bob D. - Central Point
Dec. 2010

Enjoyed the classes very much.  Just wish they had more of them.  Looking forward to attending further classes with more information.

I finally got a computer, but will have to have more training and repeats to have it all sink in.

Carol M. - Phoenix
Nov. 2010

Wow!  What a team.  Bob and Gloria were patient and answered everyone's questions, which benefitted the whole class.

My husband and I both learned so much with both 4-week sessions [Basic 1 and Basic 2].

Everyone - when the opportunity arises - should take advantage of these programs.

Bob's teaching skills are aimed at both beginners (which we are) and those with knowledge of computers.

Thank you so much.

Geraldine L. - Gold Hill
Nov. 2010

The Basics 1 class taught by Bob and Gloria was an invaluable gift from the Kenneth A. and Lucille D. Hulburt Family Trust.  The sessions developed student confidence and skills to bring value to individuals and their greater civic and other communities.

Instruction was clear, many times hands-on, and supported "can do" attitudes.  All of the topics promoted were covered.  And what I learned in class I took back to a group of forty residents in my 1,200 resident retirement community.

Mary W. - Medford
Nov. 2010

I will have had my laptop 3 years this Christmas - and most of that time my laptop has been in the bedroom closet.  Now I use it and it's fun!  I will be taking more classes.

Honey B. - Rogue River
Oct. 2010

This class explored things I need to know ... and now I know!!  The teacher was very good and humorous and that helped the learning a lot.  He was also (and his assistant) very patient.

I appreciate the finer points that were covered, and having the ability to ask questions.


Susan S. - Medford
Oct. 2010

The easy hands-on computer work and board exercise were very helpful.  All 4 classes helped me to understand my computer and operate the system better!

I am very happy to have taken this computer course.  My instructors were more than helpful.  They are good teachers!!

Thank ya'll for helping me understand better.

S.D.T - Shady Cove
Oct. 2010

I was in Basic 1 computer class.  I knew a little about the computer, but they showed me more than I ever knew a computer could do.  This is such a learning class that I want - no, need - to learn more.  The teacher, Bob, makes learning fun for all the students.  They go around and see if we are doing O.K.  If we need help they are there for us.

The things a computer can do, like writing letters, doing drawings and painting them, playing games, sending e-mails - I could go on and on.  You might think it will be hard, but it's not.  I can't wait for the next class.

Thank you for being there for us.

Sandra D. - Medford
Oct. 2010

I learned a lot of new ways to use my computer.  Bob and Gloria were wonderful teachers.  I will be attending more classes, it is so much fun.  I've told a number of friends about this class and I know they are going to sign up.

Thank you so much.

Diana M. - Medford
Sept. 2010

I have been using computers for 10 years and came to support my sister.  I was pleasantly surprised to learn a few new tricks.  Bob and Gloria do an excellent job of keeping the class interesting and informative.  I would recommend this class to all computer users, but especially beginners.  It was fun to see their "lights go on."

Thank you

Julie K. - Medford
Aug. 2010

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